SecuLetter's Solution

SecuLetter uses the Hybrid Analysis method to respond to evolving e-mail threats, detecting and blocking zero-day attacks.


APT using an email
with new malicious codes

Detection of a zero-day attack
using the Hybrid analysis

Warning message
without the malicious codes

Email recipient

Original email
with the malicious codes

Security manager

SecuLetter's Services

On-Premise Appliances

Install the On-premise SecuLetter Appliance and protect your email server from advanced attacks.

Cloud Services

No need to install an additional hardware. Connect to the SecuLetter Cloud Service and protect your email server.

Existing security solutions cannot block new advanced threats.

If an antivirus software detects an attack, it means that the attack is already too well-known.
New kinds of threats such as spear phishing, ransomware, and the other targeted
attacks circumvent existing security solutions and compromise a company’s security.


Attackers Exclude
malicious codes detected by security solutions

Identify what known-attacks are detected

Attackers send the email with
undetected malicious codes

Go undetected by a signature-based security solution