Malicious cyber attack pattern getting smarter,
the technique which is able to pass through existing security system is growing.

Detecting and blocking unknown new pattern,
It is a difference of technology.

Automates the fundamental analysis technique of professional analyst to analyze malicious code sophisticatedly.

Especially reduces diagnosing time and, minimize false negative and false positive
by algorithmizing advanced manual analysis patterns for detailed analysis.

Accurate Diagnosis Implementation
with fundamental analysis

  • Execute reverse engineering with assembly language level that existing solution is hardly accesses.
  • Disassemble the malicious code that is packed, encrypted and obfuscated.

Fundamental response against advanced hacking avoiding through sandbox diagnosis

  • Rapid Diagnosis not waiting for behavior
  • Displays diagnosis result based on accurate CVE code
  • Detects and Blocks the attack avoiding virtual environment
  • Support analysis regardless of file size
  • Support diagnosis not affecting OS and platform
  • Provides accurate malicious code diagnosis history
Scripting / Interpreted language
Perl, Python, Shell, Java
High / Middle level language
C, C++ (mainly used to create malicious code)
Assembly language
Intel x86, etc (the language human can read)
Machine code
Binary code shown as hexadecimal
Binary code
Binary code read by hardware

Why SecuLetter?

  • Detects and blocks enhanced APT attack type, virtual environment bypassing technology
  • Built-in analysis engine for Non-PE file
  • High detection rate by automating analysis technique of professional malicious code analyst
  • Supports multi analysis engine (Signature and reputation)
  • Rapid diagnosis speed by analysis at assembly level
  • Executes diagnosis based on CVE code
Perfect Shield against malicious code through emailSLE(SecuLetter Email)
The best choice for network isolation and network securitySLF(SecuLetter FileServer)