K-ITC Born2Global Center and its Members ⑥ SecuLetter

K-ITC Born2Global Center and its Members ⑥ SecuLetter

On July 18, the information protection service company SecuLetter announced that it will receive an investment from a domestic venture capital company by the end of the month. 

CEO Lim Cha-sung said, “We will soon be receiving a Series A round as an investment in the development phase of our product.” He went on to add, “We are currently in the final steps of processing the investment and will soon reveal the exact investment amount.” 
After the company has received and processed all domestic investments, it plans to conduct activities in the U.S. in hopes of attracting additional investments overseas.

The reason behind the success of SecuLetter, a start-up company, in attracting domestic and foreign investment in the highly competitive information protection service market is the specific focus of its service. 

By targeting email attachments only, it maximized the detection capability of its information security service and developed a general, cloud-based service — both of which enabled a significant price decrease. Thanks to the efforts of SecuLetter, SMEs and private users can now receive the same quality of information protection services as conglomerates, which use costly APT (advanced persistent thread) solution equipment. 

The company’s information security service for email attachments, which constitute a major means of access for hackers, is based on technology more advanced than that of existing behavior-based detection techniques. 

CEO Lim said, “Based on reverse engineering, SecuLetter’s engine is able to effectively detect and intercept APTs concealed in malignant email attachments even before they are initiated.”

If the company is successful in securing investment from the U.S., SecuLetter will release its cloud-based information protection service product at the end of the year and begin preparing for its U.S. launch as well. 

Source: The Korea Herald July 22, 2016