SecuLetter Member

SecuLetter is an Advanced Security Expert Group
with unique technology.

We are doing our best to provide an environment
where we can enjoy and work comfortably to maximize our capabilities.

Are you ready to make the future with SecuLetter, who are keenly minded with various experts,
who are able to develop skills, who can enjoy a balance of work & life together?

SecuLetter is always thinking of providing various benefits to our members, and we are willing to make anything necessary.
  • Health Checkup
  • Support expense of exercise
Support Meals
  • Free Lunch & Dinner
  • Unlimited Snacks
Pleasant Environment
  • Rest room, Sleeping room, Meeting room
Support Events
  • Gift for National Holidays and Birthday
  • Expenditure for congratulations and condolences
Support Community
  • Promoting Friendship,
  • Improving Health, Hobby etc.
  • Good Employee
  • Other cases


SecuLetter is waiting for the challenge of you
who will make the future of next security market.