SLF(SecuLetter FileServer)

Specialized Threat Analysis Protection Solution for Fileserver,
SLF is able to block the attack via attachment which targets organization
that shares files server for co-work.

SLF carries out detailed diagnosis about the files which move in network isolation environment,
to perfectly block files with malicious code based on unknown pattern.

  • Diagnoses and blocks malicious code of the file coming into internal network
  • Diagnoses malicious code infection history of the file in storage
  • File check without capacity limit
  • Provides administrator alarm and intuitive management report after malicious code detection

How We Solve

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Product Line-up

Item SLF450 SLF900 SLF1800
Product Type Analysis, Detection (Appliance) Analysis, Detection (Appliance) Analysis, Detection (Appliance)
Memory 32Gbyte 64Gbyte 256Gbyte
Disk Type & Capacity SSD = 480Gbyte
SAS = 1.2Tbyte
SSD = 960Gbyte
SAS = 2.4Tbyte
SSD = 1.92Gbyte
SAS = 4.8Tbyte
Rack Mount 1U 1U 2U
Network Interface 1GB Copper Ports (4ea) 1GB Copper Ports (4ea) 1GB Copper Ports (2ea)
1GB Fiber Port (2ea)
Power Supply 750W PSU (2ea) 750W PSU (2ea) 750W PSU (2ea)
VMs 32 62 122
Number of detection per day 45,000 90,000 180,000