Email Security as a Service

Advanced Email Security service for SMBs using public cloud mail service.
SecuLetter supports integration with Office365 and G-suite mail service.

SecuLetter proactively blocks the threats such as ransomware, zombie program, zero-day attack, spear phishing,
and especially provides powerful performance on unknown attacks by assembly level analysis.

SecuLetter advanced email security service is provided as a hosted service to support both in-house mail server and public
cloud email users. The service will be provided in annual subscription based with reasonable pricing.

Analysis Process

SecuLetter Email Security Service blocks and analyzes unknown attacks inflow
to public cloud email users account by SecuLetter automatized reverse engineering analysis technology.

Recommend To

Corporate Using Public Email Service
SecuLetter can integrate with public
cloud or hosted email service to
reinforce email security system.
Corporate without Internal IT Experts
SecuLetter email security service does
not require any management or
maintenance resources to corporate.
Corporate with Limited Security Budget
SecuLetter provides reasonable pricing for
corporates especially SMBs to easily get
high level security service.

How To Start

  • Contact SecuLetter global sales team for purchase order.
  • Change MX record value as guided from SecuLetter team to start getting SecuLetter advanced email security service.
  • Service will be charged annual subscription based and monthly report will be provided from SecuLetter customer support team.